140822 Tao doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

HZT-ao: #冰桶挑战#谢谢@周觅MI 哥邀请我参与这么有意义的公益活动 冰水的寒意不及渐冻症病人痛苦的万分之一 我不点名任何人了 在 关注渐冻人症 关注罕见病 为罕见病病人献出一份爱心 也希望大家好好珍惜自己的健康

"#Ice Bucket Challenge# Thank you @ZhoumiMI ge for inviting me to take part in such a meaningful charity event. The cold from the ice water is but a fraction of the pain the patients of the Lou Gehrig’s Disease have to go through. I’m not tagging anyone anymore. Pay attention to the Lou Gehrig’s Disease, pay attention to rare diseases, give your love to the patients of rare diseases. And I hope everyone will cherish their health well."

*Tao has also linked the donation page by the end of the post.

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The Basics About Kim Jongdae (requested by anon)

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